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The Idria Energy EIN Number is 46-335-3578

CONTRACTS, LOI: All our Contracts are on Letterhead, Sealed and Certified 

Idria Energy does have a Resale Certificate, available on demand

Dissociation Notice:

November 4, 2015

Idria Energy, LLC (Delaware), and Idria Oil & Gas Company (NA) (collectively “the Companies”) dissociated themselves from Melyvn “Mel” Reiser on March 20, 2014.   

Domain names:

August 22, 2015

The Network Service Company (the domain name registration center in Shanghai, China), contacted IDRIA ENERGY stating that they received an application from Huajin Holdings Ltd, requesting the registration of "idriaenergy" as their internet keyword and China (CN) domain names. Network Service Company found that the name is already taken by IDRIA ENERGY and that there is a conflict of name and trademark. 

Huajin Holdings Ltd informed IDRIA ENERGY that they intend to register the China domain names "" "" "" "" and internet keyword "idriaenergy" and have submitted their application to the Network Service Company. Huajin Holdings Ltd is waiting Mr. Francis Liu's of Network Service Company to approve the application. Huajin Holdings Ltd informed IDRIA ENERGY that even though Mr. Francis Liu advised Huajin Holdings Ltd to change to another name, they will persist.

The public is therefore advised that "" "" "" and "" may soon be registeed in China.  If so, IDRIA ENERGY views these registrations as scams intended to mislead Buyers and Sellers of petro products.  

IDRIA ENERGY has only has one site. This one!

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