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We provide consulting services for Business Development, Contracting, Project Development, Management, Technology Transfer, Medical Equipment Sourcing, Fuels Purchase Assessment.   

Originally we operated as Idria Oil & Gas Company, founded by Pascal Mahvi’s father, Prince Abolfath Mahvi, the noted “oil man of Persia”. 

After immigrating to New York, in 1955 he returning to Persia at the Shah’s request. Initially he joined the Anglo-Persian Oil Company as its Director, and later was primarily responsible for bringing the Pan American Oil Company, a division of AMOCO, to the Persian Gulf, securing it the largest concession ever granted by NIOC.  Consequently he joined Standard Oil Company’s subsidiary, Iran Pan American Oil Company ("IPAC"). APOC eventually became British Petroleum ("BP") and then AMOCO was acquired by BP at the turn of the century.

Three decades later, Mahvi formed the Idria Oil & Gas Company and installed his son as the MD.   The company carried out over 3 million km of seismic soundings on the Pacific coast of the Republic of Panama, ultimately drilling three exploratory deep wells of 8,000 feet using shallow water, jack-up platforms. 

In 1990 Idria Oil & Gas Company facilitated / negotiated the redrilling of 54 deep wells (rework) contract with the National Iranian Drilling Company (“NIDC”).  These range from 10,000 -12,000 feet at a cost of $254 Million Dollars.  The partner on the project was Canadian Triton International, under contract to NIDC. The wells were completed on time and on budget, allowing Iran to increase its production by bringing the collapsed wells back on-line.

His son Pascal founded Idria Energy after his father passed away.  The company is the successors to Idria Oil & Gas. The consultancy business is operated by his wife and his adult children and their associates. His wife, Caryl  Mahvi, an RN is the Managing Director of Idria Energy and a Trustee Director of the APM Foundation LLC is a Ohio Limited Liability Company, and is owned by Ms. Lisa Dials, APRN, CCNS, MBA. 

The APM Foundation website is (currently being built). The foundation is owned by a woman, is run by women to help biological women nurses and caregivers, including educational grants, mortgage assistance for families of caregivers fallen because of Service. 

The Foundation will be a not-for-profit organization that will provide funding resources to address labor shortages of nursing & physicians who specialize in family medicine focusing on education, recruitment, and retention. Artificial technology will be funded in rural areas to assist with the shortage of primary care utilizing telemedicine and to develop post-discharge clinics to reduce readmission rates. To recruit nurses, the target population is high school students, current nursing aides, medical assistants, LPNs, and RNs seeking to advance their careers. To address education shortages in teaching nurses, a fund will be developed for RNs who agree to obtain MSN in education to teach clinical students and Doctorate level to teach lectures. The geographic market initially will be Ohio, then critical shortage states expanding into Canada and European countries, including the United Kingdom. The Foundation will provide mortgage relief to nurses in hardship or to family members of nursing by developing a hardship mortgage relief nursing fund. A residency hardship fund to attract physicians into family medicine. The impact on society will decrease the cost to hospitals not having to utilize travel nurses, increase resources to treat preventive and chronic disease management and increase the supply of educators to teach our upcoming nursing workforce saving millions to the healthcare industry.

As a group, its staff are highly specialized and experineced. They understand world markets and have extensive experienced in negotiating deals in all parts of the world. The group is in a unique possession of having the infrastructure in place, allowing it to stretch its reach.

Ali Pascal Mahvi (President)  

Being mentored by his father during an era where modern Iran played a pivotal role in world history, Ali Pascal Mahvi is primarily a multilingual internationalist. He has a diverse range of expertise spent in business since 1974, in Aviation, Property Development, Military Equipment Manufacturing and Oil. 

He is the founding shareholder of the M. Group Resorts S.A., which originally built Jalousie Plantation Resort & Spa, now the Viceroy Sugar Beach, in St Lucia , Idria Energy, LLC and Petrosonics, LLC.

He began work while in college in 1972, flying U.S. Federal Prisoners for the Federal Prison System.  After college, he spent two years at a number of U.S. Multi-National Defense Contractors, including Hughes Aircraft and Rockwell International.

He moved to Iran in 1976 and provided oversight as a Director of ParsAir (JV with Fokker Aircraft), AirTaxi, HeliTaxi, Iranian Helicopters (with Bristow Helicopters) and Pars Data Systems (with EDS World, a division of Electronic Data Systems).   He served as the Managing Director / Trustee of the Abolfath Mahvi Cultural Foundation which managed some 30 subsidiaries, including Iran Nuclear Energy Company (INECO), the subcontractor to Siemens on Iran 1 and 2 Nuclear Power Stations.

As a result of the Islamic Revolution, all assets were lost to the revolutionaries.

Post the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Mahvi restarted a career in real estate development, overseeing the construction of projects in California and Missouri, including the 350 condominiums known as Mission Plaza, the then largest Industrial Park in Springfield, Missouri, Airport Commerce Park, an Industrial Park in San Juan Capistrano, California, a low-rise office complex in Newport Beach, California, two hotels in London, and the Onslow Hotel and Plaza Hotel.

In 1982 he founded Hardill International, a MIL SPEC manufacturing company, which was sold to Litton Aerospace.  Hardill manufactured the F16 fighter landing gear, the VHB-80, and 45 Jackhammer, and the SunTwin® heaters, which are still, now 30 years later, on the market.

He was the founder of Aviotex.   The company was the first entity to adapt the AT&T North American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax (NAPLPS) videotext system for the digitized transmission of weather information to pilots and mariners. The technology is now being used by all television stations for their moving weather maps).

He addressed the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, 99th Congress, 2nd session, Joint Aviation Sub-Committee. The lobbying effort resulted in release of the F.A.A.’s RFP for the development and supply of the Direct User Access Terminal (“DUAT”) system; the project was valued at over $500 million. The DUAT system is now the only source of Aviation Weather to pilots in the United States and Canada.

He transferred the technology ownership to Aviotex’s sister company World Weatherwatch, Inc., Toronto, Canada, to access Canadian government aviation contracts (see above).

In 1989-1992 he built and managed the world-acclaimed Jalousie Plantation Resorts & Spa resort located on the world's newest UNESCO's World Heritage Site, now known as Viceroy Sugar Beach, until 2005.

In 1990 he was the Managing Director of Idria Oil & Gas Company, which carried out an oil exploration project in the Republic of Panama.  In 1990, Idria facilitated a contract for NIDC for the re-drilling / re-working of 53 wells, a $258 Million dollar contract.  Though Idria’s 12 rigs were confiscated by the government with the intent to force a sale, the job was completed in 1992 on budget and on time.

In 2013 he founded Idria Energy, LLC.

That same year he consulted for CKR Global Advisory Board, recruiting law firms for CKR Law, taking their footprint global. Currently, CKR has offices around the globe.

In 2016 Pascal Mahvi was wrongfully attacked by a rogue prosecutor, James Flaiz, who was duped by his Investigator, Karen Sweet into believing that Pascal was an "Iranian Muslim Royalty" who had gamed the system. Being young and, at the time, inexperienced, Flaiz jumped into the pool by going public on WKYC-TV on September 2, 2016, prior to any in-depth investigation. By October 15 of that year, he realized his errors but was forced to move forward with an Indictment and Arraignment and the sham trial of October 2017.  The evidence strongly suggests that his then lawyer, Mr. Branden Delay was forced to stand down at trial and so Pascal had no effective assistance of counsel. After being investigated by the Ohio Discipliary Counsel of the Supreme Court since 2016, Mr. Delay has been indefinitely suspended from practicing law.

In 2020 Attorney George Vorys was asked by the office of the Governor of Ohio to review Pascal Mahvi's case file consisting of 4 four-inch binders of documents, several thousand pages of documents, to determine if Pascal is factually innocent of the charges made by Flaiz. 

By April 7, 2023, after having spent 2000 hours of Pro Bono investigative time, Mr. Vorys reported and declared that Pascal Mahvi is factually innocent of the charges and that the County Offices of Geauga County had broken laws to get their man.  That said, the State of Ohio being a Home Rule State,  the Governor and Attorney General of Ohio have some complicated maneuvering to exonerate Pascal.   

The reports generated by Mr. Vorys will be posted to 

Born in Flushing, New York, Mr. Mahvi lives in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. An avid pilot, sailor and writer, he is also a published author, having published a book, Deadly Secrets of Iranian Princes – Audacity to Act, about his experiences in Iran and the Shah’s aspirations to be a nuclear power.

Paul W "Bud" Bucha (Sr VP)

Paul "Bud" Bucha was born August 1, 1943, to Col. and Mrs. Paul Bucha.  As a child he lived abroad in both Germany and Japan.  He graduated from High School in Ladue, Missouri, and immediately entered the United States Military Academy at West Point. Bud received his BS in 1965 graduating academically in the top 2% of his West Point Class; number two in Military Order of Merit and a two time All American and Captain of the Swim Team.

Immediately upon graduation from West Point, he attended the Stanford University Graduate School of Business receiving his MBA in 1967 and completing his Airborne and Ranger training between academic years.

After Stanford, Bud reported for duty with the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky to prepare for deployment to Vietnam as part of Operation Eagle Thrust in November 1967.  While a company commander in Vietnam, he received among other decorations, the Bronze Star with the V and Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart and Medal of Honor.  Upon his return to the United States, he reported for assignment as Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics at West Point.  He resigned his Army commission in 1972.

Bud joined du Pont Glore Forgan as a special assistant to Mr. H. Ross Perot in 1972 and later moved to the Perot owned Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) as Senior Vice President of International Operations. 

In 1973, Paul Bucha established the new EDS headquarters in Tehran, Iran in collaboration with Pascal's father.  The new partnership was called Pars Data Systems. That is how Pascal and Bud became friends.  

Bud remained in the Middle East until 1978 having expanded the operations throughout the Middle East and Europe.  In 1978, he moved his headquarters to Paris, France, where he remained after leaving EDS to form his own international consulting company. 

Returning to the United States in 1980, he expanded his company to include real estate development building the environmentally acclaimed development Port Liberte, on New York Harbor.  The Port Liberte project set the gold standard in environmental review involving over 50 different government agencies at all levels from city to federal agencies and in spite of the number of approving agencies, the permits for the project were issued   in record time.  Concurrently he consulted for Pascal's company Hardill Enterprises, manufacturing F-16 gear parts and the VHB-80 jackhammers.

As a member of the Board of Directors of WHX Corporation, he was asked to assume the title of Chairman of the Board of Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corporation in 1996 to preside over the reorganization of the company.  Completing his assignment in 1999 with the Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel, he returned to real estate in 2003 establishing Terra Mark LLC in joint venture with Fisher Brothers of New York City and later, in 2005, his own firm, Terra Mark II, LLC which specializes in large projects, both commercial and mixed use development in architecturally significant and environmentally sensitive locations. 

Paul Bucha is a Trustee of Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network; a Director of GEL State Corporation; a member of the United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Advisory Board for Veterans Advantage, Inc.   

In addition to his corporate activities, Paul Bucha has been a frequent lecturer to numerous colleges, corporations, political leaders and military leaders of all branches on honor and leadership.  He has been a member of the Advisory Board of Veterans Advantage since its inception over a decade ago. Veterans Advantage is the leading private benefit provider for veterans and their families.

Appointed Civilian Aide to Secretary of the Army, Paul Bucha worked with the Accessions Command supporting the challenge of Army recruiting in a time of war.  In addition, Paul Bucha has been active as a member of the Board and an officer of The Fisher House Foundation and Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund which support military families and wounded warriors. Most recently Paul Bucha has become a Director of the Military Adaptive Sports, Inc. the USA sponsor of the Invictus Games.  Paul Bucha has also been active in supporting the activities of US Army National Guard and Reserve forces giving motivational and leadership presentations across the country. 

He is a frequent lecturer at all four national military academies and Veterans and military events and has become recognized as one of the leading experts on Leadership in the nation.  He has spoken at Tsing Hua University in Beijing, Harvard, Princeton, Haverford and other leading educational institutions and numerous corporations including JP Morgan Chase, NBC Universal, Johnson and Johnson, Frito Lay and Orange County Trust Company.  

Bud is a Past President of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society of the United States of America and was the Founder of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and is currently a Director of the Foundation.  From 2008 until 2013, was the Chairman of the Department of Labor’s Advisory Committee on Veterans Education and Training and Employer Outreach, the primary Jobs Focused organization in the Federal Government. In 2014 Paul Bucha was named to the Department of Defense Advisory Committee on the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War.  He is also on the Advisory Committee to Hope for Our Warriors Foundation.  Paul Bucha is a member of the Advisory Committee for the 50th Year Commemoration of the Vietnam War.

Besides his military honors, Paul Bucha is a Gold Medallion inductee of the International Swimming Hall of Fame; an Inductee of the Asian Swimming All of Fame, recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and an inductee of the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame.  He received the Stanford Graduate Business Award for Public Service in 2012 and 2014 he was named a recipient of the United States Military Academy at West Point’s Distinguished Graduate Award. Paul Bucha has four children and nine grandchildren and is married to the former Cynthia Carter Bell of Cornwall, New York.  

As Bud worked in Iran between 1976 and 1978, he understands Farsi. 

Steve Guyon, (VP - GCC )

Idria Energy Consultancy  

Steve's father was an ARAMCO man.  

Based in the Middle East for over 40 year, Steve focused on developing business jointly with foreign and local companies for major projects in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. As such he developed connections throughout the Middle East, including extensive contacts in China with the major corporations.  He successfully secured over US$2 billion in contracts, either as prime EPC contracts or as subcontracts.

Steve has extensive knowledge in the operations, methodology and processes of Neom, Red Sea Development Company, Al Qiddiya, Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), SABIC, Saudi Electric, Tatweer and BAPCO.  Services includes from the initial stages of prequalification to final award and execution of projects.