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Next Year I don't want to hear about the Oscars or Golden globes.  I don't want to see a single actor, actress, singer, celebrity or sports person on any red carpet.

Next Year I want to see nurses, nurse' aids, health care workers, care givers, support workers, ambulance crews, doctors, custodians, police officers, firefighters, shop workers, railroad workers, truck drivers, utility workers, and teachers having free carpet parties with awards and expensive goodlie bags.  If it doesn't happen it will be the biggest injustice ever!



We supply 3M and KN95 Masks, Medical Gloves, Gowns, Ventilators, Respirators, Sanitization Fluides, HazMat Suites, and COVID-19 Test kits.    

We carry the following inventory:

  • Medical Gloves 
  • Medical Gowns
  • Hand Sanitizer - Spray - IPA Alcohol 75% (new formula) - 2oz sold per case
  • Hand Sanitizer - Spray - IPA Alcohol 75% (new formula) - 4oz sold per case
  • Rubbing Alcohol - 75% Alcohol 4oz - sold per case 
  • Sanitzer Wipes
  • Gowns (all levels)
  • FDA approved COVID-19 Testing Kits 
  • Infrared Thermometers
  • 3M Masks (all varaities - see below)

In collaboration with MFS, ldria Energy is pleased to announce an exclusive procurement agreement for 3M products. This includes all 3M models except 1860 which is reserved for healthcare and FEMA. Below are the simple procedures necessary to order your 3M masks. Most important, is that MFS/IE are one of the first companies that can get you a 3M approved order, verified in the 3M system, before escrow must funded.

Once the model is determined and the price is verified, a service fee is added as compensation for the distributors. As an example, model 8210 is priced at $1.31 per mask. A typical service fee is 20 to 30 cents is added on. The service fee is not restricted but we recommend to not exceed 30%. The procedures are the following:

  • Procurement Contract
  • PO template
  • Escrow Agreement
  • Attorney to Attorney call to verify funds
  • Order submitted 
  • The order to our Distributor comes back with order approval
  • Escrow Funding after 3M approval
  • Order begins production
  • Order begins constant delivery in tranches after week 2.  

The larger the order the larger tranche you will receive  We will provide verification from 3M for approved orders.  3M can directly verify orders as well.  This is the first 3M deal where escrow is funded after 3M approves the order. No deposits, no advances and no payments released until goods are produced. We will provide all documents, templates and agreements, including the escrow agreement. All sensitive documents are handled by attorneys.

Prices on the following masks are upon written request:  1804, 1804S, 1870+, 8210, 8210+, 9210V, 8110S, 8200, 8511, 9105, 9105S, 9210+, 9211+. Depending on the model, these prices range from $0.68 to $3.40.   The 1860 and 1860S has to be treated diffrenetly through another channel. 

Should yoube interest in masks, please contact us via the Tab Contact.   We ask that you not send us a direct email.  Also note that this facility is for Contract Production Orders and we will not entertain anything less than a million units.