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   IDRIA ENERGY is a consultancy company whose staff have a wide range of experience and have consulted globally.  It provides consulting services in business development, project development, technology transfer, and fuels purchase assessment, with established global relationships and international clients, including with :

   Those who follow our website, you've noticed we have moved away from our efforts on Russian fuels.  Regrettably, after much effort and money since 2013, we've concluded that 95% of the Russian fuel opportunities are fake. We find it amazing that brokers keep pushing fuels that are non-existent.

    Here is the truth, which cost us plenty of time and money to discover:

   Generally, if you have the proper Russian contacts, with these connections you can secure Russian products. However, this will cost money upfront, up to millions, and should you not perform, or not pay the due commissions upon lifting, the flow stops. 

    Forget the ICC and / or Russian Courts! The former demands 2% of the disputed contract value, upfront, effectively shutting out most litigants when the dispute involves upward of $3 Billion gross.  The latter most westerners have no access too.  The LCIA is a little better and internationally, the EEC, GCC or Far East do not want any part of the AAA.  Personally, I would opt for the LCIA over the others.

    The other major problem is storage Logistics in Rotterdam.

    Real Rotterdam Logistics is very difficult to identify and secure. Corrupt Nigerian-Russian Mafia have set up Logistic fronts in Rotterdam, and not wanting the liability, Société Générale de Surveillance ("SGS"), refuses to assist buyers in avoiding the fraudsters. Consequently, buyers are at the mercy of the Russian sellers - most of whom are fake- and until a deal is closed, buyers have no idea if a tank farm Logistic is real or fake. 

   In short, finding real Logistics is near impossible. INTERPOL is overloaded, the Russian FSB too, and overseas deals are out of the FBI purview. The scammers get away 99.99% of the time. The fraudsters take your money, often amounts over $200,000 and run.  The next day they set up shop under a new name and scam a new buyer.  

   Exasperating the situation, real Russian logistic companies lease tanks from real Rotterdam tank farm operators. As none of the Russians logistics are registered in Rotterdam (a question of local taxes), innocent buyers have no way of verifying which logistics is real and which is fake. They have no choice but to take what the Russian seller tells them at face value, and as most of the Russian “Sellers” are fake, you get suckered in! It is a shell game, and even INTERPOL is lost in the maze.  

    We have a file lodged at the INTERPOL where in 2013/2014 we were scammed out of a lot of money by Russian-Nigerians. That said, we managed to help the FSB locate  and arrest the 13 crooks; they are currently helping the Russian construction industry by breaking large rocks into smaller ones in Siberia.  The money is lost. 

     We maintain a list of fake sellers and tank farms and it is becoming unmanageable.

    Brings to mind a good movie called The Vanishing (1993) staring Jeff Bridges and Kiefer Sutherland.  "Drink the coffee and find out what happened to the love of your life"! 

    Gone are the good old days where deals were made by handshake, especially if one hand is that of the Shah's cousin, Shahzdeh Abolfath Mahvi, and the other that of Leon Hess, the Founder of Hess Corporation.   

     Buyers take note:

  1. Most Mandate Letters are fake. For example, AO Voronezhnefteprodukt being part of Rosneft, sells in region and Russia-wide - this can be checked on the official Rosneft website or by calling the official phone number.
  2. All major export contracts are let by the Rosneft’s head office. The big contracts issued to overseas organizations require joint top political governmental approval, and Mr. Setchin does not approve these alone.
  3. Currently, there are no large quantity oil products available within the Rosneft network; this is because all of it is prepaid by Chinese.
  4. Without Top Gov Political approval, it is not possible to secure a drop of oil from Russia.  So do not waste your resources.

    The only way for end buyers to get Russian fuels is to go it alone and travel to Russia, or contract someone with the connections like Idria Energy, travel to Russia, meet our Russian business agent, and pay him his fee (not a bribe as he does not work for the government), for which he will organize an arms length TTM in Moscow.

    Should buyer want big contract approved by the host Government and not wait two years for Rosneft, then Idria Energy can arrange such contract via top Gov officials.   The procedure are as follows:

  1. Buyer signs a performance-based Consultancy Agreement with Idria Energy,
  2. Buyer travels to Moscow with all documents in hand, including bank reference letters, and a CIS,
  3. Buyer pays to the Russian Agent his fee (to be negotiated in Russia),
  4. Buyer issues a mandate agreement to our agent together with the required POA for him to exclusively represent the Buyer in Russia,
  5. Our Agent will then establish for the Buyer a representative office in Moscow. The Buyer pays the first month’s budget thereof for all costs of dealing with top Russian companies and the government,
  6. Buyer is issued a large contract with full Gov approval to deal directly with one of the major Russian oil and gas companies.

    Otherwise, the buyers will never get a drop of Russian product, especially get approved by the Russian State for big contracts.

     The foregoing is all factual and has cost us dearly to learn.  This is why we now focus on consulting.

     Call us or send us an email.  We can help avoid the pitfalls.


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