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Not only is our staff multilingal, but we have extensive Middle East (all of GCC), European, African and Far East business experience with exclusive global contacts.  We litarally are no more than 2 degrees away from most leaders and shakers.

Should you have an issue that needs to be resolved, contact us.


We are direct to a gold bullion supplier and can organize for you its supply.  

Idria Energy works with broker (Relationship Manager) that has a close relationship with a New York Trade Desk for the purchase of gold.  The Desk is signatory Seller of Record throughout transaction along with the Seller’s Bullion Officers (“BO”).   They sell physical bullion less than 5 years old, and it is all Hallmarked.   The Desk have cash accounts at all 25 major world banks that can be used to write SKR’s to close transactions.  

They have storage locations worldwide including in New York, London, Bern, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Singapore. Ferrari, Brinks, and assorted other bonded and insured warehousing.  

They only deal on FOB basis.   To buy they require an Intake form to be filled out.  There is an ATV form that can be handled internally between the Buyer’s and Seller’s bankers.  The banks in whichever location the Buyer chooses will cut the SKR on their bank letterhead for each tranche of transaction.

Each buyer starts with a quantity of 7mt at a discount of 8/6 with 1% open to Buy Side.  Once Seller knows and is comfortable with the Buyer’s capabilities, the discounts can be renegotiated. 

The Relationship Manager with the Trade Desk, and Idria Energy will have to be on the Buy side taking ½ of the 1% Buy Side discount. While the price per ton is negotiable, the fees are not.  The discounts are higher the more Buyer wishes to purchase.  The BO will discuss volumes.

The process starts with the Buyer’s LOI to the intake team.   We will then provide the banker’s name and email address and the Buyer can then gain confirmation from their bankers that the Seller is Tier 1 team.   The ATV template is provided for Buyer to have the Buyer’s banker prepare to share with Seller’s banker when it’s time to share POP. 

If Buyer side has a bank BO and they are willing to share that information directly with the signatory Seller of record at a Tier 1 platform, their BO can speak with the Seller’s BO who will ask one question:  Is the buyer capable of writing a check for the amount of purchase?  No Proof of Funds or bank account details is requested.  The Seller BO then supplies all the pertinent detailed documents and a fresh SKR for the Buyer.

After being provided an Assay Report and its SKR, should the Buyer wish to assay the gold again, the Buyer can do so and pay each day as assay progresses and they lift, until everything is complete as to supply request.  This eliminates the need for LOI or ATV.


Before you fall into the Russian or Nigerian fuel scams, call us.  We've been there and even assisted the FSB arrest 12 Nigerian Russians in 2015.  

We supply petroleum products through a GCC company with direct realtionship with the refineries.  Consquently, we will put the buyer with the seller and get out of the middle and only assist if asked.

The supply is non-Russian, and non-Iranian due to sanctions.